Welcome to Our New Address

Welcome to Our New Address

Family home too big? Too costly to upkeep?

Costs eating away at your retirement nestegg?

It's time to downsize…maybe even purchase a retirement property.
You can spend months looking or save yourself a heap of time by contacting Our New Address.
With a comprehensive range of fully customisable designs, Our New Address have a design to suit almost every budget. If you don't find what you're looking for, let us know and we'll design a home to meet your requirements.
Once you've found the house design you love, we'll assist you with a lot to suit your design, in an estate of your choice.
Our bulk purchasing power means you'll 'Save Yourself Thousands' on your purchase too.
Need assistance with finance for your new home? Our New Address can assist you with that too.
New Home? Think Our New Address, your 'One Stop' shop for a new home!

Looking for a Smaller Place to Live?

OurNewAddress…for the best price on your new home!

We make building your new home easy.

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