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Frequently Asked Questions


We would love to build our own home but don't know where to start - can OurNewAddress help us?

Contact us. OurNewAddress work with a lot of clients, all with specific requirements. More often that not, we'll be able to assist you if you're in the market to build a new home.

Are the house and land packages sold by OurNewAddress sold on a 'Rent to Buy' basis?

All of the house and land packages sold by OurNewAddress are sold as separate land and building contracts.

We're not First Home Buyers. Can we go through OurNewAddress to build our new home or do you only sell to First Home Buyers?

We certainly sell to First Home Buyers but we also sell to clients seeking an investment property, people wishing to downsize, upgrade, refinance their existing property and build their new dream home. If you are in doubt as to whether OurNewAddress can assist you, contact us for a chat.

Does OurNewAddress only promote one estate in each region?

OurNewAddress offer land in a selection of estates in each region to cater for the requirements of as many of our clients as possible. All of us are different so we endeavour to make as many estates available as possible. If you have a specific requirement, ask us and we'll see what we can organise.

The estates OurNewAddress currently has available in our region aren't where we want to live. Is it worth enquiring through OurNewAddress about our new home or are we wasting our time?

Absolutely. Contact us. Share your requirements with us and we'll see what we can negotiate on your behalf. We may not be able to assist everybody, but unless you ask, you'll never know.

We're considering whether to buy an old house and renovate it or build a new home. Can you give us any advice on which way we should go?

OurNewAddress only sell new housing so it might be construed that we are biased in our view. However, we believe the incentives on offer at the moment for new home buyers far outweigh the assistance available for existing home buyers. For more information on this subject, please refer to our blog http://ournewaddress.com.au/blog/item/new-versus-existing-which-is-best

How much flexibility do we have when we purchase a house and land package through OurNewAddress?

Quite a lot. Choice of lot/estate, house design, colour schemes (external and internal), a host of options to satisfy most tastes and budgets. And we can even make modifications to our existing designs (some limitations apply) to satisfy your unique requirements. All we ask is that your requirements are sorted up front to limit your out of pocket expenses once your finance application has been lodged.

Is now a good time to build our dream home?

The incentives currently available to assist particularly First Home Buyers are the best we have seen offered to date. Together with low interest rates and the added incentive offered through our Big Boost Bonus, new home buyers have a wonderful opportunity to achieve their goal of home ownership.

We love one of OurNewAddress' designs but there are a couple of changes we would like to make so the design meets our requirements. Can we do that?

Yes. Talk to one of friendly sales team and tell them what you have in mind. Generally your requirements can be accommodated with a minimum of fuss. By sorting out your specific requirements up front, you can avoid the out of pocket expenses some people incur by making changes to their house design / inclusions after they have received their finance approval.

Are the inclusions in OurNewAddress' house and land packages cheap and nasty or are they good quality?

Our standard specification varies slightly by region but is of a consistently high level in every region we work in. OurNewAddress include as standard, items that are often considered optional extras in house and land packages sold by other builders.

You advertise your house and land packages as 'full turn key'. What does that mean?

Turn key is a term used in the real estate and building industries. A turn key house and land package includes your fences, driveway, turf, garden(s), letter box, TV antenna, etc. Usually all you need to do is bring your personal effects and your furniture and move in. No landscaping to do, no driveway to organise. In fact, all you will usually need to do is mow the lawn, and maintain your new yard.

We already own our own land. Do we still qualify for OurNewAddress' Big Boost Bonus if we build one of your designs on our land?

Yes. Contact us. We'll discuss your specific requirements and let you know how we can assist.

I want to build a shed as soon as I can afford it. Should I mention that when we are purchasing our new house and land package?

Absolutely. Tell us what you envisage doing so we can make the necessary allowances up front. Whether its a shed, garden shed or even a pool, we can include approximate details on your construction drawings to ensure no services are installed in those areas. This could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

I have some specific requirements for my new home. When should I discuss these - before or after I sign my build contract?

Please raise any specific requirements you have for your new home as early as possible so we can include any modifications/variations in your package pricing and your finance application. This minimises/sometimes eliminates any unseen out of pocket expenses for you during the build phase, as your specific requirements can usually be included as part of the builder's standard progress claims.

We have horses and are looking to build on acreage? Can OurNewAddress assist us with building our home?

Yes. We work with clients with particular requirements (eg. acreage) on a regular basis. Clients with particular requirements have often located a lot they wish to purchase. We assist those clients with their house build and finance for both their land purchase and build contract.

Do you pre-wire your homes for NBN?

All of our new homes are wired so they are NBN ready. This minimises any future costs of connection for our clients.

We have a really big refrigerator. Can OurNewAddress' designs accommodate it?

Larger refrigerators are quite common nowadays. Simply let us know up front so your house/kitchen design can be modified to suit your requirements.

How do we minimise our energy usage/costs when we build our new home?

There are a number of ways to minimise energy costs at build stage. Consider installing a solar hot water system or solar power. If supplied as part of the build contract, the cost can often be incorporated into your finance application, and you start saving from the day you move in.

Can we do our own landscaping?

This can generally be arranged. Clients with particular requirements should address these to OurNewAddress as early as possible to avert any costs being incurred by the builder. A credit for the landscaping elements of the building contract would form part of the builder's final claim where clients undertake their own landscaping.

Is every roof the same colour in the house and land packages OurNewAddress offer for sale?

OurNewAddress don't operate in the same way as high volume, low cost companies, who often import their materials from overseas in large quantities and limited colours. We offer a comprehensive range of colours schemes, incorporating the latest colorbond colours so your new home won't look the same as your neighbours or half a dozen other houses down the street. We recognise that variety maximises the streetscape and that streetscape maximises the future value of your property. Our packages are limited only by your imagination and budget.

The OurNewAddress concept sounds really good. When will OurNewAddress be building in our region?

OurNewAddress responds to local demand. If we receive sufficient demand from an area, we will allocate resources to investigate the availability of quality land supply and builders in that area. Once confirmed, that allows us to offer our designs to interested buyers in that region.

Do OurNewAddress also build in New South Wales and Victoria?

OurNewAddress are presently investigating a number of new areas in New South Wales. We are also receiving requests from people interested in building in various Victorian regions, and envisage being in Victoria in the not too distant future.

Do we need insurance while we are building?

The requirement for insurance is different by state. Your legal representative (solicitor) will be able to provide you with advice in this regard.

You advertise all of your house designs in Square Metres. What size is that is Squares?

The current Australian Standard calls for each building's area to be shown in M2. To convert M2 to Squares, simply divide the area (in M2) by 9.29. For example, the overall floor area of our Ashleigh 221, one of our most popular designs is 220.8M2. If you divide 220.8 by 9.29, the floor area of the Ashleigh 221 is 23.8 Sqs.

Do OurNewAddress also sell Dual Occupancy homes?

We envisage adding dual occupancy designs to our range of housing designs in the near future. If you have a specific requirement in the interim, please contact us.

First Home Buyers

We are First Home Buyers and we have $1,000. Is that just the deposit? How much extra do we need to save to purchase a new house and land package from OurNewAddress?

OurNewAddress' finance team have worked closely with lenders to make available our 'Just $1,000' offer. Depending on the estate you select, and the total price of your house and land package, $1,000 could be all you need to contribute to purchase your dream home. Clients will need to qualify for the Qld Govt's First Home Owners' grant and our Big Boost Bonus. Our finance team will be able to assist you with further information and this is unique to your circumstances.

Can OurNewAddress help us with our First Home Buyers application?

Yes. This is an integral part of the work our finance team assist with when securing your finance approval. Their experience means you don't need to worry.

Investors/Next Home Buyers

We'd like to invest in our own area so we can keep an eye on our investment property. Do OurNewAddress sell house and land packages to investors?

Yes. Contact us and we'll steer you in the right direction. Working with investors is one of our specialties. Investors have different requirements to owner occupiers, but we understand those requirements. Our finance team can assist you to access your current equity to invest in your first or next investment property.


I'm not currently working. Will I still qualify for finance if I purchase a house and land package through OurNewAddress?

Current lending criteria for most lenders usually precludes approving finance for people without stable employment, or 2 years returns for self employed people.

We're not sure whether we qualify for a loan but we don't want our enquiry to show on our credit file. How can we check to see if we qualify?

Rest easy. Our friendly finance team will pre-qualify you so there are no notations on your credit file. No evidence that you are considering purchasing a new home. Our experienced team will establish a budget for you so you know what you can afford if you are ready to purchase today, or alternately, what you need to do to qualify for finance to build your dream home in the future.

What are the basic requirements we need to qualify for a housing loan?

Stable employment and a clean credit history are perhaps the 2 most important requirements. Access to sufficient funds to cover your deposit if you're not a First Home Buyer/qualify for the FHOG. If you aren't sure whether you qualify, contact us. One of our friendly finance team will have a chat to you and quickly assess where you're currently at/what you need to do to qualify for finance to allow you to build your dream home. And there won't be anything recorded on your credit file so there's nothing to impact your future credit rating.

We have a tight budget. How can we limit the amount the builder charges for variations on our build contract?

This is simpler that you might think. Changes made by clients after the building contract has been signed and your finance application lodged can run to thousands of dollars. And clients who don't sort their specification and any modifications they require up front will need to find the extra monies to pay the additional costs during the construction stage. By getting everything sorted up front and sticking to your pre-agreed budget (that our finance team will establish for you), your out of pocket extra expenses will be minimised and possibly eliminated.

If the finance for our land purchase and new house build isn't approved, will we lose the deposit monies we have paid on our land contract?

No. When we negotiate with developers, we request the return of monies paid as a deposit on the land in the event our client's finance application is unsuccessful. Your legal representative (solicitor) will be able to confirm the relevant requirements of you land contract.

We have no idea how to go about applying for finance for our new home. Can OurNewAddress help us?

Absolutely. Contact us and one of our friendly finance team will work closely with you to assess your requirements and steer you in the right direction.

We purchased our land last year and the bank won't lend us any more money to build our home. Can OurNewAddress help us?

We've encountered this before. Clients don't want to jump straight into building their home so they buy their land, only to find their lender won't advance them any more funds for their dream home. Our finance team can usually assist you to overcome this issue. Contact us and we will work with you to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

The OurNewAddress Process

What happens once we have selected our land, house design, colours, etc? What do we need to do?

OurNewAddress will arrange for all of the required paperwork (contracts, etc) to be prepared and forwarded to your legal representative for their review and your signature(s). Once signed, we will assist in the background to ensure your wishes are met as quickly as possible. We'll keep you informed at each stage of the process so you know what to expect next and can organise anything required in a timely manner.

Once we've selected our house design and finalised any changes or upgrades we want to make, how long will it take to prepare our building contract?

Once we've finalised your requirements, we will generally have your building contract ready for your signing in 2~3 days. We will schedule a meeting with you to review the contract as soon as the documents are prepared. Alternately, the building contract can be forwarded to your solicitor for their review and your signature(s).

We've just received our unconditional finance approval letter for our new home from our finance broker. What happens now?

During the time between you receiving your unconditional finance approval and your land settling, a lot happens in the background. Your working drawings are commissioned by the builder, a soil test is completed so the engineer can design your slab, any other required consultant work is undertaken so your construction documents are ready to lodge for approval as soon as possible after your land has been settled. OurNewAddress will be in touch during this period, to ensure any outstanding documents have been signed, so your builder can commence work on your new home as quickly as possible. We will guide you on what needs to happen and when to minimise any stress you may be feeling.

Our land has just settled. How long will it be before the builder starts work on our new home?

There isn't a specific answer to this question. Each region is different. On average, your building/plumbing approval will take approximately 3~4 weeks to process. Once approval is received by the builder from the local authority and your lender, we anticipate the builder being on site within 2 weeks.


Can we choose our own builder?

OurNewAddress carefully selects our builder(s) for each region after review of their quality, service and performance. The selection process is quite detailed and can take several months to finalise. In order to qualify for our Big Boost Bonus, clients must use our selected builder(s) in each region.

We're keen to meet the builder before we sign our building contract. Is that possible?

Yes. Unlike larger building companies, where it may not be possible to meet directly with the builder or their company nominee, our builders are more than happy to meet with clients. We can organise a meeting with the builder once you have finalised your selections and any modifications to your selected house design. At that meeting, any outstanding questions you have can be addressed. This meeting can be arranged prior to you signing the building contract.

How long will the builder take to build our new home?

Once your construction docs have been approved, your builder will schedule your build. Generally, the builder will commence work within 2 weeks and complete your new home approximately 16 weeks thereafter, subject to local weather conditions. Your build contract usually allows 26 weeks but delivery of your new home varies depending on the season in which it is built.

Can we visit the site during the construction of our new home?

Yes. Our builders allow for a number of client site visits during the construction phase. The number varies by builder and is usually documented in the build documentation, together with a suggested timing. Simply contact the builder's office to organise a site visit at a mutually agreeable time.

We've heard some builders cut corners when they cut their prices - can we rely on the builders OurNewAddress uses to build us a quality new home?

Absolutely. We hand select our builder(s) in each region, based on their quality, service and performance. Once we have those sorted, we make sure their prices are also top notch so our clients receive real value for money.

What do we do if we encounter an unexpected problem with our new home once we have moved into it?

OurNewAddress use local builders so after sales service is more often than not, just a phone call away. And we work closely with our builders to assist as required.


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