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Refer A Friend

Got a friend in the market for a new house?

Why not make some easy cash by simply referring your friend to OurNewAddress? We’ll help them into a brand new home and WE’LL REWARD BOTH OF YOU FOR DOING SO!

How Does the OurNewAddress Offer Work?

If you refer a friend to us and they purchase one of our house and land packages we will reward both of you with $500 once their land settles... NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

That's right, we'll send both of you $500 each... You for referring your friend and your friend for purchasing through OurNewAddress. That's our gift to you both for purchasing through OurNewAddress.

There's no cap on the number of friends you can refer. We will send you $500 each and every time you refer a friend who purchases a house and land package through OurNewAddress. As soon as your friend's land settles, you will be sent your $500 gift either via post or EFT.

Your friend can elect to either use their $500 to upgrade their house and land package or take the $500 in cash to spend as they wish.

The only restriction on this offer is that your friend must purchase their house and land package through OurNewAddress, and settle the land contract component for both of you to be eligible for the $500. And in the event your friend's name is received from multiple people, we will only pay the first person who refers us the friend's name.

Start talking to your friends and referring them to OurNewAddress for their house and land package. We'll work with your friend(s) to make sure their new home is everything they are looking for... and we'll reward you both for your referral.

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