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Save Up TO $25,000

For First Home Buyers!
Put Yourself In This Picture!

First Home Buyers, this offer is for astute buyers on the lookout for a bargain.

OurNewAddress' SAVE UP TO $25,000 offer is available on certain estates for a strictly limited time.

To qualify, you must also qualify for the Qld Govt's First Home Owners' grant of $15,000.

Purchase a house and land package through OurNewAddress in one of our qualifying estates and OurNewAddress will pay your 5% build deposit for you, up to $10,000.

That's right, UP TO $10,000. The bigger the home you build, the more we pay on your behalf. Add that to the Qld Govt's $15,000 First Home Owners' grant and you can SAVE UP TO $25,000 on your first home.

Contact OurNewAddress for a list of estates where this offer is available.

Ready to give your landlord the boot? Contact OurNewAddress and let us assist you with the purchase and finance for a brand new home of your own.

If you:
  • have a stable job;
  • qualify for the Qld Govt's First Home Owners' grant;
  • have a clean credit history...
...contact OurNewAddress and let us assist you with the purchase of your first home.

All of our house and land packages are generously sized, thoughtfully designed, include an extensive list of standard inclusions and are sold on a full turn-key basis. Just bring your furniture and personal effects and move into a brand new, squeaky clean home of your own.

And our homes are all built by quality local builders in each region, not 'out of town' builders, so any after sales service is just a phone call away.

With loan payments starting at approx. $300 per week, you could own your own home for less than it costs to rent an equivalent house in most areas.

Not sure if you qualify? Enquire Now and we'll contact you to discuss this offer.

Shopping for your next home? We can assist you too. We don't just sell to First Home Buyers.

The Fine Print - T & C's of Offer.
  • Artists impressions are indicative only. Refer to specification and working drawings for full details;
  • Estates change regularly. Contact OurNewAddress for a current list of estates available;
  • Offer available to approved applicants;
  • Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or discontinued at any time;
  • Prices and information current as at date of publication.

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