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Buy New & Minimise Tax

For Next Home Buyers!
Put Yourself In This Picture!

Are you looking at upgrading your current home? Maybe you've considered moving into a brand new home and retaining your existing home as an investment property. Have you lived in your current home for 5~10 years... maybe longer? Why not use the equity in your current home to buy yourself a new home?

OurNewAddress' Buy New & Minimise Tax offer is perfect if you're in the market for a new home, and also looking to grow your nett wealth maximise through property investment.

How does our Buy New & Minimise Tax offer work?

Simple! Purchase your new house and land package through OurNewAddress using the equity in your current property to assist with your finance application.

OurNewAddress can assist you with refinancing your current property, as well as finance for your new home purchase. We'll even point you in the right direction for assistance with your legals and tax advice if required. In fact, we'll take care of everything for you if required.

Is there a catch? No catch, just a great deal on your new home from OurNewAddress.

OurNewAddress have house and land packages available in a range of estates that qualify for this terrific offer. Purchase your house and land investment property through OurNewAddress in one of these estates and we'll assist you with your new home purchase, refinancing your current property and the restructuring required to assist you to become a property investor.

If you're in the market for a new home, take advantage of OurNewAddress' Buy New & Minimise Tax offer while it is available.

Sound too good to be true? You'll be pleasantly surprised where you can purchase a brand new house and land package with OurNewAddress' Buy New & Minimise Tax offer.

If you're ready to purchase a new home, contact OurNewAddress and let us assist you with your purchase.

All of our house and land packages are generously sized, thoughtfully designed, include an extensive list of standard inclusions and are sold on a full turn-key basis. We'll even supply you with a recommendation for the rental management of your current property – we don't receive a kickback for this recommendation – it's just part of the service we provide to our clients.

And our homes are all built by quality local builders in each region, not 'out of town' builders, so any after sales service is just a phone call away.

Like to hear more about this great new offer? Enquire Now and we'll contact you to discuss this offer.

The Fine Print - T & C's of Offer.
  • Artists impressions are indicative only. Refer to specification and working drawings for full details;
  • Estates change regularly. Contact OurNewAddress for a current list of estates available;
  • Offer available to approved applicants;
  • Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or discontinued at any time;
  • Prices and information current as at date of publication.

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